We believe in 3D

Everyone of us is increasingly distracted by all kinds of visual stimuli screaming for attention. Traditional methods of communication become less distinctive and effective. How does one create more impact and increase direct revenues? We believe in 3D, for being more natural, more realistic and more engaging. Especially when it comes to new media experiences 3D is the future. To make 3D accessible for everyone we create glasses-free xyZ 3D Displays, which are far more appealing than traditional solutions, draw more attention and therefor better communicate your marketing message.

Who are you and who are we?

If you’re a brand, a media agency, a digital signage network operator, or a company that simply wants to exploit glasses-free 3D products under its own label then we can help you. Our facility is able to design, develop and produce glasses-free 3D panels and 3D Video Walls of any size. Our team has a long experience in glasses-free 3D technology, LCD panels, optics, software and content creation. XYZ’s developments give the best and most comfortable glasses-free 3D experience available in todays market: high brightness, crisp image, no moire/bending.

Our clients

We provided glasses-free 3D solutions for KONE, NIKE, ADIDAS, REEBOK, LEXUS, TOYOYA, VREDESTEIN, PEPSI, SAMSUNG, FRAUNHOFER, TAIFF and many others. These solutions included 3D Video Walls, 3D Digital Signage, Gesture Based 3D Interactivity and Conversion Services (from 2D or Stereo 3D).